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Final Document Preparation

3 simple Steps. Straight forward, all-inclusive fees. No hidden costs. No surprises.

We welcome the opportunity to assist you at any time. However, if a death has occurred, please contact us as soon as practical. Doing so may save you time and resources settling matters that we will initiate or resolve on your behalf.

Step 1 – Service Fee – $155 – Begin with the end in sight.
An in-home consultation during which we will:

  • review and clarify the Will, or discuss the steps necessary when there is no Will.
  • discuss probate – what it is, its purpose, the process, when it is required or recommended, costs and possible ramifications.
  • discuss the Executor’s legal, fiduciary and ethical obligations and duties under Ontario’s laws.
  • review the “practical” tasks and duties you are responsible to manage as the Estate Trustee. We’ll review more than 100 items, gathering details necessary to initiate settling only those matters specific to the estate.
  • assess “legal” tasks specific to your situation and the need for, or possible benefits of, legal, accounting, financial, real estate and other professional services.

Moving forward from this meeting, you will have an understanding of your role as Estate Trustee. You will have the foundation of a prioritized set of tasks and you will know where to begin with the end in sight.

Step 2 (Optional) – Service Fee – $170 With the information gathered, we will prepare all necessary documents, applications, letters and notifications, ready for signature. Here’s just a few of the things we might be custom preparing for you:

  • Applications for the Canada Pension Plan Death, Survivor and Child’s Benefits.
  • Notifications and death benefit applications to foreign pension plans.
  • Documentation for the transfer of automobiles under tax-free gift status.
  • Notifications to credit card companies, department stores, banks (with claims for annual fee refunds) and balance insurance if applicable.
  • Credit Bureau Notifications.
  • Requests to transfer loyalty program points or reward credits.
  • Notifications and claims for pro-rated refunds from a variety of subscription services (Medic Alert, CAA, 407 Toll Highway, print and online publications, for example).
  • Notifications to Driver’s License and passport authorities.
  • Preparation of claims for personal and group life insurance.

Your Resolved document set will include a customized checklist, instructions on enclosures needed for each document and a prioritized “To Do” List. We’ll even provide file copies and pre-addressed envelopes.

Step 3 – The Estate Trustee or representative signs and remits the documents, records dates sent on the checklist and completes the “To Do” list.

Everything is Nothing forgotten. Nothing Overlooked.

And if anything else arises during the following 12 months, we are a phone call or email away.

At no charge.


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