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One woman’s “post-Retirement” plan

One step at a time

Leslie, 52, is a single mother of twelve year old Ben. She works, maintains her home and garden and spends as much time with Ben as possible. The most important thing to Leslie is that Ben has a good life, with every opportunity for success and happiness.

Leslie has planned well for her retirement and for Ben’s education. But she knows through her own experiences that life can change very suddenly. She has learned that being prepared is better, especially when something is inevitable, and not being prepared can lead to more hardship for others.

Leslie had a Will prepared some years ago, but when she learned she could plan her “post-retirement” (Leslie’s own term for what we call “final wishes”) she wanted to learn more. Leslie wanted to be sure that her wishes were known, no-one would be left guessing about what she wanted or left with significant unexpected expenses.

To Leslie, step one was to purchase a burial place in her cemetery of choice. Fortunately, the cemetery offered a payment plan that fit her budget. But she knew there were other details and costs to arrange.  Visiting a funeral home was not something she was comfortable doing, at least not now.  When a friend told her about Adrian, she contacted him for guidance.

With Adrian’s assistance and advocacy, working through what is now the RESOLVED Pre-planning Priority Points, Leslie has the following “post-retirement” plans in place:

  • An updated legal Will and Powers of Attorney.
  • Detailed funeral wishes documented in a concise record including statistical, family and biographical data.
  • A complete record of her various accounts, special wishes for certain belongings and a list of her “digital assets” (login details for email, social media and various online services and programs).
  • A custom tailored Assurant Solutions Insured Annuity plan that lets Leslie set aside funds over time, fits well within her budget and protects her family if she were to die before completing the scheduled deposits.
  • Funeral Costs Guaranteed with a funeral home of her choosing, with services, products and other items reflecting her exact preferences. Planning ahead, Leslie was able to make decisions calmly, learn about options available and allow Adrian to research and advocate on her behalf.
  • A preliminary grave monument selection; size, style, colour, finish and inscription.

Moving forward, Leslie is planning to complete the Pre-planning Priority Points important to her. For example, she will increase her Eligible Funeral Arrangement (EFA) contributions so that her grave monument selection and cost can be guaranteed. She may even wish to include funds for other final expenses her Executor will one day encounter.

With RESOLVED’s TRUE Advance Planning assistance, Leslie enjoys complete peace of mind knowing many important final arrangements are in place. As she completes her pre-planning objectives, RESOLVED will continue to work closely with Leslie, ensuring she is always aware of options and making informed decisions with the interests of her family always protected.

RESOLVED TRUE Advance Planning allows everyone to complete their final wishes plan and Pre-planning Priority Points at a pace that suits their individual values, budget and priorities.

No.  You’re NOT too young to start planning.

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