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The trip of a lifetime

They planned for everything.

Since their arrival in Africa two weeks ago, their dream retirement trip, Deedee had notice that Joseph didn’t seem right but of course when asked he would only say “I’m fine”.  By now they were traveling through the wilds of Africa, far away from populated areas and medical facilities. Joseph’s condition quickly worsened over the next couple of days when Deedee woke up in the middle of the night to find Joseph had died in his sleep beside her.

The initial shock was overwhelming and the only thing that she could remember was Heather’s words on the day they had met so many years earlier. “Before you call anyone, call this number first.”

Deedee quickly found the phone number on a card tucked into Joseph’s wallet and called the Toll Free number. A few days later she and Joseph arrived home. This is when she called Heather. Heather then:

  • Met with Deedee and her family at their home to review the pre-planned program she and Joseph had set up, with Heather’s assistance, many years earlier which had included a travel plan to ensure each of them would be returned home should they happen to die while away.
  • Reviewed the service details and compiled a list with the family of the items they needed to take to the funeral home.
  • Attended the arrangement appointment at the funeral home with the family advocating to ensuring they had the service tailored to their needs and wants.
  • Followed up with Deedee and her family after the funeral and assisted them through the final paperwork and settling the estate.
  • Assisted them with the design for the monument they had pre-planned through Heather and arranged for the installation at the cemetery.
  • Met with Deedee to review and update her own prearranged and pre-funded program to make any adjustments necessary now that her situation had changed.
  • Deedee then took a further step and set up a program with Heather to protect her executor and provide the funds that will be needed to settle her own estate.

The relief Deedee and her family felt throughout all of the events that transpired could not be measured. Their choice to work with Heather gave them the peace of mind in knowing that they had made the right choice in pre-planning and pre-funding everything they possibly could. Heather’s guidance and advocacy through the RESOLVED Pre-planning Priority Points proved invaluable.

Deedee knows that throughout the loss of Joseph and her own program there is Nothing Forgotten, Nothing Overlooked.

The RESOLVED True Advanced Planning program allowed Deedee and Joseph to ensure they had all of their final arrangements planned for and funded including the funeral and cemetery arrangements. Taking advantage of the Travel Plan ensured should either of them die away from home for any reason both of them would be returned home with one phone call. Deedee’s choice to include Executor Protection guarantees that funds are available for her executor for and during the probate process. The financial and emotional savings of having taken advantage of the Resolved Resolution proved to be invaluable.

Problem Solved, Estate Resolved.

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