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How we started… The Resolved story

We founded Resolved following many years guiding families through completing the “practical” tasks necessary following a death, and in planning ahead so those left behind in the future will face less stress.

Settling an estate is almost always a challenging task, with or without a Will. It requires correspondence with numerous individuals, government agencies, financial institutions, charities, insurers, lawyers and accountants to name just a few.

Often, the executor is a close family member, someone already grieving the loss of their loved one. They will place many calls, attend appointments, prepare applications, documents and letters and gather necessary supporting materials. And there will likely be upfront expenses. The executor’s role is often difficult, time consuming, stressful and costly.

Through witnessing numerous families’ struggles following a death, we learned their fears and anxiety most often arise from uncertainty and confusion on where to begin, what needs to be done and in what order, what documents will be required by whom and when must the various matters be settled. Often, family conflicts arise, time is lost and resources are wasted. Executors almost always don’t know what they don’t know.

We knew there was a better way. We knew we could be sure an executor missed nothing. We knew there was no need for countless hours searching out and contacting various organisations, government departments, creditors, insurers and others, completing endless forms and applications and attending numerous appointments. We knew we could create a simple yet inclusive system that initiated every process to settle any estate, from the most simple to complex. With nothing forgotten, nothing overlooked.

This simple, comprehensive system has evolved to become… RESOLVED.

Easier. Faster. Safer. Affordable & Cost-effective. Stress-free.
For executors, families and beneficiaries.


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