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Professional Executor Support

We are experts in “resolving” practical estate matters; Certified Executor Advisors with experience in post-funeral family and executor support and all matters pertaining to settling affairs following a death.

We are also funeral and cemetery service professionals, specialized in all aspects or pre-planning, organising, documenting and simplifying estate planning for families. In fact, we are licensed by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario to provide annuity and insurance funding products for final expenses as well as EFA plans for prepaid funeral contracts with licensed Funeral Service Establishments in Ontario.

We often first meet our clients during a most difficult time in their lives. We are compassionate, thorough and professional advocates and advisors for our clients.

And finally, our thoughts on fees. Like all Canadians, we are tired of unfair fees, hidden extra costs and “upselling”. We believe prices should be fair, which means they are disclosed and agreed to in advance, and the amount makes sense for the value received.  Our Professional Fees for your personal RESOLVED services are straightforward with no surprises or hidden costs (sorry, but we do need to add HST).

The friendship of those we serve is the foundation of our progress.

Heather E. Ross Dpl. FSE, LLQP, CEA

I am a Licensed Funeral Director in Ontario and British Columbia, Cemetery Service Advisor and Memorial and Monument representative.

With more than thirty-five years in the funeral and cemetery industries, I have gained vast experience assisting families through the loss of a loved one of all cultures. I have worked with families not only following a death but also before in preparing their wishes in advance.

I have worked diligently to provide caring compassionate assistance to all families prior to and following a death, tailoring services to the unique needs of each family, individual and executor, in order to ensure their very personal requests and details are considered and carried out. I have also developed and expanded upon programs to help families and executors complete the task of dealing with estate issues as easily and simply as possible in order to alleviate the stress that arises during this difficult time. I am constantly updating and adding items not only to assist families, individuals and executors before a death occurs but also following.

Contact Heather directly at 844-944-0900 or

In Memory of our friend, colleague and Co-Founder.
Adrian Walton BA, Dpl. FSE, LLQP, CEA
1958 – 2021.

A former Ontario Funeral Director, Cemetery Service Advisor and Memorial & Monument representative.

He attended Royal St. George’s College in Toronto and went on to Wilfred Laurier University. He spent more than twenty-six years in the funeral and cemetery industries. For most of that time his focus has been primarily toward assisting families after the funeral and helping them make things easier for the next generation, with complete funeral and final wishes pre-planning solutions.

He provided professional, practical and compassionate guidance to families. He was constantly developing new ways to help them and continuously enhancing the RESOLVED program based on changing laws, technologies, consumer trends and client needs.

May The Work I Have Done Speak For Me


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