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Financial Decisions: Learning to Survive after Losing a...

By Lucille Rosetti of The Bereaved. Losing a spouse is a heart-wrenching experience, but it’s one that is a reality for 50 percent of every lifelong union. The survivor is often left with decisions to make that were never made solo before. Some of these decisions include where to live and how to spend money.Read More

February 02, 2019 by


Who Speaks for You?

By Heather Ross, Co-founder, RESOLVED. What is an Advocate?  That is the question. An Advocate is someone who acts on your behalf.  Ensuring that your wishes are followed and you receive what it is you are looking for. An advocate’s best strength is not only their profession but it is the fact that they can listen and interpret what you are saying into exactly what you want.Read More

March 03, 2018 by


Time to save for your funeral… CPP isn’t going...

By Adrian Walton, Co-founder, RESOLVED.   In December 2017, Canada’s Finance Ministers met to review the Canada Pension Plan system, including the “CPP Death Benefit”, frozen for over 20 years at a maximum of $2,500. Representatives of Canada’s funeral industry argued that had this benefit been indexed, the amount today would be over $5,500.Read More

February 02, 2018 by


What are Certified Executor Advisors?

Certified Executor Advisor

By Heather Ross, Co-founder, RESOLVED Have you ever acted as an executor?  Asked to be an executor?  Had to deal with an estate where there is no will?  Are you facing having to deal with any of these situations sometime in the future?  Are you and your executor at risk? Then you know how difficult and daunting this experience can be.Read More

April 04, 2017 by