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What are Certified Executor Advisors?

Certified Executor Advisor

By Heather Ross, Co-founder, RESOLVED

Have you ever acted as an executor?  Asked to be an executor?  Had to deal with an estate where there is no will?  Are you facing having to deal with any of these situations sometime in the future?  Are you and your executor at risk?

Then you know how difficult and daunting this experience can be.  Add to it the recent changes in the laws governing estates here in Ontario and the differences in opinions of all of those involved.  Along with the emotional trauma of losing a friend or family member that you cared for and were close to.  Grief is an interesting process and can appear at the strangest of times, clouding our thinking at the most inopportune moments.

Then there is the paperwork.  Sorting through someone else’s personal belongings to find those elusive items you need to attempt to settle everything.  Or so you think.

Where does one start?  Where to look first?  What should take priority?  How quickly does all of this have to be completed?  How much work am I going to miss? How am I going to face this alone?  Overwhelmed?  There must be a better way?  Where do I find help?

All of us who have had to settle an estate or are facing having to do so in the future have and will feel exactly the same way.  Being an executor and settling an estate is a daunting task and it always has to take place during some of the most difficult times in our lives, following the loss of someone we love.

There is an old adage, Use the Professionals.  Like many of us we seem to believe we don’t need to seek professional assistance when we can “take care of it ourselves”.  We carry on unaware of the severe penalties we face when we haven’t complied with the current laws, until it is too late.  Adding more stress when we feel like we just cannot handle any more.

Certified Executor Advisors are there for you to assist, guide and advise you through the entire process.  Where to start, what type of time frame you are looking at, completing the necessary paperwork and filing it.

Certified Executor Advisors are the professionals to get you through the entire experience with as much ease as possible.  We take the pressure away from you.  Allowing you the time and energy to deal with the many other tasks you are facing.

“There is a will.  It will tell me everything I need to do”, is a comment we hear frequently.  Most executors realize very quickly that there may be instruction as to how to divide the assets and who is to receive them.  However there is nothing beyond that.   The executor’s job has now barely begun.

Your Certified Executor Advisor will assist you in figuring out what needs to be done and when.  We are there to guide you when it seems you have managed to get yourself off track and advise you when everything just seems overwhelming.

This is the time to “use the professionals”, chose the right Certified Executor Advisor for you.

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