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I am an executor. What do I need to do first?

Likely, your first responsibility as executor is to address funeral arrangements. Following that the best thing an Ontario Executor can do is to contact RESOLVED, as soon as practical. We will guide you through the next steps, making sure you know where to begin. Some matters, including rebates or refunds to which an estate may be entitled, are time sensitive. Many of these are not widely known. It’s the executor’s responsibility to secure all possible benefits on behalf of the estate. RESOLVED will give you the guidance and tools for your specific situation to be sure nothing is overlooked for forgotten.

What is Probate and do I need it?

Probate is a legal process in which an application is made to the Ontario Superior Court. The Court will validate the will (if there is a legal Will) and appoint or certify the Estate Trustee. An Estate Administration Tax (often called “probate fee”) is payable, calculated based on estate value. Under some circumstances Probate is required and in others it may be beneficial. RESOLVED can assist you and offer significant exclusive savings through our partner network.

Can I arrange my own affairs so my Executor and family will face less stress when I die?

Absolutely Yes! You can and should. Often, Executors don’t realize how important pre-planning is until they are in throws of settling an estate, discovering everything they wish had been documented, located or known in advance. It’s then they realize how important it is to plan better for their own family or the next generation. RESOLVED will assist you with our Priority Point Program to guide you through the process. Many of our pre-planning tools are available at no cost to clients and their families.

Is there a list of things an Executor needs to do?

Yes, but it will be different for every estate. There is NO generic “Checklist” for estate settlement because no two estates are the same. We’ve also never seen a Checklist that actually includes everything. RESOLVED will work with you to prepare your own customized “checklist”, detailed according to your specific circumstances, with nothing forgotten or overlooked.

How does RESOLVED help the executor make sure nothing is forgotten?

The RESOLVED program ensures nothing is forgotten. In fact, our first step when assisting Executors is to review more than 150 possible tasks confronting an Ontario Estate Trustee. The prioritized “checklist” we develop for you will be custom tailored to include ONLY matters applicable to your situation… nothing forgotten, nothing overlooked. Moving forward, we can support you with a suite of services from complete executor document preparation to custom support plans.

The bank will not allow me to access the deceased’s funds without Probate. How do I cover the expenses for the estate?

In most cases the executor will have to arrange to cover the expenses until the time that the certificate of probate is issued.

Am I as the executor responsible for the debts of the estate?

In Ontario you are not personally liable for the debts of the estate. However, you are responsible to ensure that all creditors have the opportunity to claim debt from the estate. If you fail to publish a notice to creditors, you can definitely be held personally liable for a debt. This is why is it so important that you follow all required steps to administer the estate. Failure to do so can result in serious penalties. RESOLVED will provide the guidance, tools and resources you need protect yourself, the estate and beneficiaries.

How do I deal with the deceased’s social media (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc..) accounts and can I get the passwords?

The RESOLVED process walks you through dealing with all types of social media accounts.

Are there death benefits available for the estate and surviving family?

There may be benefits available for the estate and surviving family members. RESOLVED diligently works with you to find any benefits available to you.

How do I transfer registered firearms gifted under a will?

There is a certain procedure to transfer registered firearms which Resolved will guide you through along with all the forms necessary.



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