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There is a pension from outside of Canada. How do I deal with and claim any benefits available?

RESOLVED will assist you with all of the necessary contacts and applications in order to claim any benefits which may be available from outside of Canada.

What do I do about property outside of Canada?

Every country has a different process dealing with property ownership. We at RESOLVED will assist you through those procedures.

What am I responsible for as an executor?

The executor’s responsibility includes competing many tasks, understanding legal and fiduciary requirements, timelines, procedures and even penalties for failure to comply. RESOLVED will ensure you understand your duties.

Is there an easy way to deal with an estate with or without a will?

We at RESOLVED attempt to make dealing with an estate with or without a will as stress free as possible. Nothing Overlooked.

What do I do with all of these points cards (Optimum, PC, Air Miles, Aeroplan, RBC rewards, etc..) and can I use them?

RESOLVED will assist you in making sure that their value is maintained and available for transfer.

I need Statutory Declarations, what are they and how do I get them?

Statutory Declarations are needed when an alternate document is lost or does not exist. RESOLVED will assist you in navigating whether they are necessary and obtaining them.

How do I protect the estate and myself as the executor from fraud and Identity Theft?

Fraud and Identity Theft are an unfortunate fact of life today. Let RESOLVED remove this stress and guide you through protecting yourself and the estate.

What if I have missed something and realize it several months later?

We at RESOLVED are available to you for an entire year, should something have been missed just let us know and consider it dealt with.

Are there refunds for the estate?

There very well may be refunds available to the estate, RESOLVED will assist you in making sure the estate receives them. Contacting us as soon as possible will ensure maximum value of any refunds is achieved.

The death happened while on vacation, now what?

RESOLVED helps to make sure you are prepared for every situation at home and away.



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