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Simcoe County

It is important that families in Simcoe County are aware of the recent changes to Ontario’s Estate Laws, procedures and the Bereavement Services Sector.  All Ontarian’s are affected.

These recent changes make the Resolved solution even more valuable to you, your family and executor ensuring that nothing is overlooked or forgotten.

The Resolved solution is to make a difference and allow your family and executor the space they need before, during and after a very difficult time in their lives.  We are your Certified Executor Advisors, True Pre-Planning Consultants and Estate Document Preparation experts.  Our mission is to provide families of Simcoe County with a personalized, stress-free, custom plan, to reflect their values, final wishes and financial expectations.

We are Resolved, Certified Executor Advisors and Pre-Planning Consultants working for you.

We leave Nothing Overlooked, Nothing Forgotten. Problem Solved. Estate Resolved.


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