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Resolved Case Studies

These stories illustrate the depth, variety and value RESOLVED services have brought to our clients.  While personal names are changed, the stories and circumstances are not.

From our TRUE Advance Planning to our Final Document Preparation and Certified Executor Advisor services, individuals and families of all types benefit through RESOLVED.

A vacation cut short

In September, wanting to ensure their daughter Amy would be spared stress and unplanned costs, Betty and Albert decided to pre-plan their funerals and all details of their final wishes.  The lawyer had suggested it made sense.  A meeting with Adrian of RESOLVED was scheduled.

They were surprised at the costs involved with what were to be fairly simple funeral arrangements and, like many others, they had never really considered all the details and decisions that would need to be resolved when one of them died.  READ MORE

We just don’t know…

11:30 p.m. one cool spring night Joanne and Bob woke to loud knocking on the front door, loud enough to wake the entire family. With Joanne, Melanie (their youngest son Clark’s fiancée) along with Nicholas and Patrick (Melanie and Clark’s son’s, both under three) standing behind him, Bob answered the door…  READ MORE



One Woman’s “Post-Retirement” Plan

Leslie, 52, is a single mother of twelve year old Ben. She works, maintains her home and garden and spends as much time with Ben as possible. The most important thing to Leslie is that Ben has a good life, with every opportunity for success and happiness.

Leslie has planned well for her retirement and for Ben’s education. But she knows through her own experiences that life can change very suddenly.  READ MORE


The trip of a lifetime

Since their arrival in Africa two weeks ago, their dream retirement trip, Deedee had notice that Joseph didn’t seem right but of course when asked he would only say “I’m fine”. By now they were traveling through the wilds of Africa, far away from populated areas and medical facilities.

Joseph’s condition quickly worsened over the next couple of days when Deedee woke up in the middle of the night to find Joseph had died in his sleep beside her. READ MORE


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