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Estate Information Return Preparation

Your estate lawyer may or may not include preparation and filing of the “Estate Information Return” as part of their Probate Services.

Ontario Estate Trustees have the responsibility to remit the “Estate Information Return”.  Completing this detailed document incorrectly could result in significant loss or mis-calculation of actual Estate Administration Tax payable.

Don’t Panic!  We are here to help.

The “Estate Information Return” must be received by the Ontario Minister of Finance within 180 days of issue of the “Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee”. In some circumstances, a subsequent amended return may also be required.

The Minister of Finance retains a four year review or re-assessment period.

This is the law in Ontario.

Estate Trustees that fail to comply are personally liable to a minimum $1,000.00 fine and up to twice the Estate Administration Tax payable by the estate, or imprisonment up to two years, or both.

RESOLVED offers professional completion of the Estate Information Return.  Our service includes in home or teleconference consultation, compiling all details required, preparation of the return documents and delivery to the Estate Trustee for signature. We also include a pre-addressed envelope and file copies for the Trustee’s records.

RESOLVED Estate Information Return Preparation – $225 (plus HST)

(For an amended return requiring an Affidavit, or a return requiring a Refund Request or Affidavit in support of a revision to the tax amount payable, a $35 surcharge is applicable for each of these supplementary documents)


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