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Executor Checklist & Will Review

Executors want a checklist so they know what they need to do. If we see 10 families, we will help each of them prepare a “Checklist” or “To Do’ list. But there will be 10 different lists.

There is no such thing as generic checklist. If anyone tells you there is, or worse yet tries to get you to buy it, DON’T!

If the Executor doesn’t understand everything that needs to be done, then they can’t know where to begin or where to finish.

Preparing the RESOLVED Checklist is Step 1 of our program. In preparing your personal Executor checklist, we will address these challenges and questions…

  • What must be done?
  • What are my duties and responsibilities?
  • Where do I begin?
  • How do I actually complete the various tasks?
  • Who do I contact, when and how?
  • Do I need to contact a lawyer? What will the lawyer do?
  • What and where are the documents I need?
  • How do I know I have done everything necessary?

Your personal RESOLVED program will:

  • Determine everything that must be done for your specific situation so nothing will be overlooked or forgotten and prioritize the “legal” and “practical” tasks.
  • Review the legal and fiduciary responsibilities of the Ontario Estate Trustee (with or without a Will) as well as the often extensive time commitment and other obligations the role entails.
  • Review the Will with you and help you decide if probate is needed or beneficial, and if legal, accounting or other professional services are needed.
  • Prepare all applications, forms, letters and notifications necessary, ready for the estate representative’s signature.
  • Provide complete instructions and checklists so you know exactly what to do, in order, with the end in sight.
  • Support you for a full year
  • Offer advocacy, guidance, tools, expertise and financial options needed so you have the opportunity to make things easier in the future, for the next generation, avoiding undue stress, conflicts and costs.

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It is our privilege to offer the Resolved Executor Advisor Program to you and your family.


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