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Many years ago we created My Funeral Plan. We are your advocates. We don’t work for, or receive compensation from, any funeral home, cemetery or crematorium, monument manufacturer, bank or lawyer. We work for you. We have the expertise, licensing and knowledge to make sure your funeral plan reflects your wishes, values, beliefs and resources. Every detail of your final wishes is documented, understood, adequately funded and guaranteed.

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There are professionals specialized in all aspects of “estate planning”, all with valuable expertise in their fields. But lawyers, financial experts, accountants and others can’t plan step one…

Before your Executor even begins to deal with the details of your estate, your funeral, burial or cremation arrangements and costs will need to be decided.

Our Pre-planning Priority Points ensure you have everything in place. We offer the guidance, knowledge, tools and methods to empower you to control what happens when you die. Our services absolutely will benefit you and your family through significant financial savings, greatly reduced stress and conflict and complete peace of mind.

Resolved Estate

Will & Estate Executor Services Toronto

The Resolved Difference

Our difference and value proposition is simple.

Certified Executor Advisors

If the Executor doesn’t understand everything that needs to be done, then they can’t know where to begin.

Executor Document Preparation

3 simple Steps. Straight forward, all-inclusive fees. No hidden costs. No surprises.

Estate Information Return

Your estate lawyer may or may not include preparation and filing of the “Estate Information Return” as part of their...

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The friendship of those we serve is the foundation of our progress.


  • “RESOLVED is very professional and approachable. Adrian provided valuable assistance when it was most needed. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and skill.“

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  • “The [Resolved pre-planning program] seemed like a good idea to save problems and give peace of mind for myself and my family.“

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