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Assurant Travel Protection – Lifetime Repatriation Insurance

Your passport to peace of mind. Lifetime Protection from the unexpected.

Bringing a loved one home can be a costly and complex undertaking when death occurs out of province, out of country or even just a few hundred kilometres away from home. Fortunately, you can protect yourself and your family with Assurant Travel Protection. For a one-time low cost, you can ensure your family will never have to deal with the extra stress and financial burden of repatriation, from anywhere in the world, on land or at sea, for the rest of your life.

Full Repatriation protection that covers all the details and costs, including:

  • Locating and engaging a local, licensed funeral service provider to handle all preparations for return travel.
  • Recovery and transportation to the provider.
  • Transportation of the deceased back home.
  • Preparation and handling of all necessary documents, including consular and related services if outside Canada and, in most cases, transportation for a traveling companion to return home with the mortal remains.

Illustrations of of Actual Serviced Assurant Travel Protection Files

Location of Death Transport Destination Total Cost
Philippines Ontario $ 17,606.00
British Columbia Ontario $ 4,584.70
China Ontario $ 16,213.83
China British Columbia $14,448.00
China Ontario $ 10,195.28
Vietnam Ontario $ 16,468.63
Arizona USA Ontario $ 6,556.80
Peru Alberta $ 6,594.39
Mexico Quebec $ 5,827.09
Alberta Ontario $ 3,191.07
Florida USA Ontario $ 3,339.77
Edmonton Alberta St. John’s Newfoundland $ 3,964.00
Brampton Ontario Sioux Lookout Ontario $ 3,829.00
Florida USA Ontario $ 5,390.40

Assurant Travel Protection is available if death occurs more than 100 kms from your legal primary residence. Full lifetime protection goes into effect immediately. One toll-free call to our Toronto facility is all it takes to begin the process of bringing you home. Associates are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will immediately notify and coordinate with the appropriate parties for a prompt, safe and dignified return.


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