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Funeral and Final Wishes Pre-planning

Before your Executor even begins to deal with the details of your estate, your funeral, burial or cremation arrangements and costs will need to be decided.

There are professionals specialized in all aspects of “estate planning”. Many have valuable expertise in their fields. But lawyers, financial experts, accountants and others can’t plan step one… your Funeral.

Two types of families walk through the doors of a funeral home… one that is prepared and one that isn’t. For those not prepared…

  • Between 75 and 125 decisions will be made, all within an hour or two.
  • Family members experience shock, confusion and doubt about “what you would have wanted” on many issues.
  • There will be stress on, and possibly between, loved ones.
  • With no time for consideration, families often act in haste.
  • There is a high risk of emotional and uninformed overspending.
  • There is financial pressure, with many fees expected “up front”.

On the other hand, those prepared have only a few decisions and details to finalize. No uninformed decisions, no guessing, no overspending, financial stress or conflicts.

With My Funeral Plan , you and your family are prepared, protected from the most emotional, difficult and perhaps costly challenge they will confront.

We are your advocates. We don’t work for, or receive compensation from any funeral home, cemetery or crematorium, monument manufacturer, bank or lawyer. We work for you. We have the expertise, experience and knowledge to make sure your funeral plan reflects your wishes, values, beliefs and financial expectations.

My Funeral Plan is the most comprehensive and personalized Final Wishes Planning program available anywhere, documenting these details:

  • Your personal wishes and service preferences.
  • Required Funeral Director’s Services supplies and merchandise and other costs of third parties.
  • Your personal biographical details, required to file death registration documents, obtain permits required for burial or cremation and settle certain estate matters.
  • A concise summary of personal data for your family to handle both common and more complex tasks that must be addressed following (sometimes even before) the funeral.
  • The option to select a preneed savings and insurance plan to provide immediate cash for funeral costs.
  • The opportunity to guarantee today’s costs with a licensed funeral service provider.
  • The option to invest in Assurant Travel Protection , a unique lifetime repatriation plan for you and your family in the event of death away from home, anywhere in the world.


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