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Preneed Savings and Insurance Plans

Setting aside funds for funeral and final expenses is an integral part of responsible and smart retirement and estate planning. Funeral, cemetery, legal, estate settlement expenses and taxes can easily run into many thousands of dollars. For a surviving spouse, these expenses, and the loss of assets or savings to cover them, can be financially devastating.

Ontario residents have opportunities to take advantage of Bereavement Sector regulations that allow consumers to predetermine, control and guarantee funeral costs regardless of age, health or income.

We have solutions for EVERYONE. A comprehensive portfolio of Annuity and Preneed Insurance plans for funeral arrangements and personal final expenses. Available exclusively through Assurant Solutions , our unique products qualify under CRA rules as “Eligible Funeral Arrangement” (EFA) plans and comply with Ontario funeral service industry regulations. These annuity and insurance products must not be confused with traditional life insurance policies or investment products.

We are proud to be among a select group of professionals offering Assurant Solutions Savings and Insurance products directly to consumers.

More than 90% of all annuity and insurance funded funeral pre-arrangements in Canada are entrusted to Assurant by funeral service providers across the country.

Assurant products are available to consumers of all ages. They offer superior flexibility and the following advantages:

  • IMMEDIATE Tax-free CASH when needed. Funds bypass Probate.
  • Tax-free growth to keep pace with inflation.
  • Plans range from $1,000 to $50,000.
  • Qualify as a CRA Eligible Funeral Arrangement plan and funding instrument for Ontario Guaranteed Funeral Pre-arrangement Agreements.
  • Single payment or flexible deposit plans to suit ANY budget. You’re in control.
  • Those you love are fully protected against financial loss should death occur before all deposits are made. Pre-existing health issues never result in higher costs for this peace of mind.
  • Accepted directly by funeral directors across Canada.
  • Transferable and portable worldwide.
  • The opportunity to benefit through specially negotiated funeral service pricing and other benefits available to RESOLVED clients.

Assurant Annuity and Insurance products are underwritten by Assurant Life of Canada. Assurant is a member of Assuris , protecting all plans up to $200,000 per certificate.

As licensed professionals, we are regulated by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario and are supported by one of Assurant’s oldest and largest General Agencies, My Final Wishes. We are proud of our association with this group of dedicated “Final Wishes” pre-planning professionals.


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