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Estate Pre-Planning Services

Will your family know what to do? You can be sure with our Priority Planning Points:

  • My Legal Will. Always consult an expert. Even the simplest estate requires a Will. Without a Legal Will your family can find it costly or even impossible to complete otherwise simple tasks.
  • My Living Will. If ever needed, it will remove an enormous burden from your family.
  • My Powers of Attorney. Without this vital document, it may be impossible for your family to make decisions and administer many of your affairs if you became incapable of doing so. Obtaining the authority will be time consuming, stressful and costly for your family if it becomes necessary. Consult an expert.
  • My Funeral Wishes & Personal Statistics Documented. The My Funeral Plan RESOLVED program provides tools and unbiased expertise to guide you through recording every detail of your wishes. More than 100 decisions and facts will be needed by those left behind. You can record many of them NOW. Learn more.
  • My Funeral Arrangements Funded & Guaranteed. Savings and Insurance plans available through RESOLVED may be assigned to a funeral service provider of your choice to fund a “Prepaid Guaranteed Contract”.  Under CRA rules, our unique financial products qualify as Eligible Funeral Arrangements and benefit from tax-free growth. Even if you are depositing toward your plan over many years, you can still guarantee today’s costs and ensure your family will never face unexpected expenses in the event of death before your plan is fully funded. Learn more about Funeral Savings and Insurance plans.
  • My Worldwide Travel Protection. If death occurs more than 100 kms from home, anywhere in the world, Assurant Travel Protection is available to complete all steps and details to return the deceased home and pay all costs. There are no conditions or exceptions. This protection is available for the rest of your life. Learn more about your Passport to Peace of Mind.
  • My Cemetery Selection or Scattering Rights. Whether for full casket burial or cremated remains, many cemeteries offer the opportunity to purchase in advance. Many also offer scattering gardens.
  • My Cemetery Interment or Crematorium Fees. Not all cemeteries and crematoriums accept pre-payment for interment (grave opening/closing) or cremation fees. With tax-free growth to offset increasing costs, EFA plans can include funding for these expenses.
  • My Memorial (grave marker or monument). Like funeral costs, we help you guarantee today’s direct manufacturer costs and your exact design wishes for memorial products.
  • Immediate Funds for other Final & Estate Expenses. Eligible Funeral Arrangement funding plans are used to guarantee immediate funds are available for various final expenses. Under CRA rules, as much as $35,000 can be set aside under an EFA. These plans earn tax-free growth on their full face value, are sheltered from probate and paid immediately to the beneficiary. We will custom tailor a Final Expense Savings or Insurance Plan that reflects your values and financial expectations.


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