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Dying Without A Will

If a death is imminent or has occurred, and there is no Will, you will benefit even more through RESOLVED services. The legal process is likely going to be more difficult, but our all inclusive fee is the same as if there is a Will. We have all the tools, resources and expertise so you can begin settling matters with the end in sight. We’ll help you with all of these questions and decisions your family must face…

  • What must be done?
  • Who will have the authority to act as the legal representative?
  • What are the duties and responsibilities of the representative?
  • Where do we begin?
  • How do we access funds?
  • How do we actually complete the various tasks?
  • Who do we contact, when and how?
  • Do we need to contact a lawyer? What will the lawyer do?
  • What is probate? Do we need it and what does it cost?
  • How do we locate everything and obtain the documents we need?
  • Is there a list of things to do? How will we know we have done everything necessary?

The Resolved program will…

  • Determine everything that must be done for your specific situation so nothing will be overlooked or forgotten and prioritize these tasks.
  • Review Ontario’s laws so that the estate trustee’s obligations, duties are understood.
  • Help determine the best course of action for your situation. We’ll explain probate, possible costs, when it is required under law and when it might be beneficial.
  • Prepare all applications, forms, letters and notifications necessary, ready for the estate representative’s signature.
  • Provide complete instructions and checklists so you know exactly what to do, in order, with the end in sight.
  • Support you for a full year.
  • Offer advocacy, guidance, tools, expertise and financial options needed so you have the opportunity to make things easier in the future, for the next generation, avoiding undue stress, conflicts and costs.

PLUS much more…

We can help you… See Details and all inclusive fees

It is our privilege to offer the Resolved Executor Advisor program to you and your family.


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