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Certified Executor Advisors

If the Executor doesn’t understand everything that needs to be done, then they can’t know where to begin. Nor can they know that everything has been done.

It’s easier, safer and less stressful to start at the beginning, with the end in sight.

We often hear…

“There is a Will, so doesn’t it specify what the executor is to do?”

The short answer is, “Yes, the Will is a legal document that specifies how the Estate Trustee is to distribute various assets and settle certain debts.  In certain circumstances, Probate may be required.”  In other words, the Will specifies what is to be done.  It is the executor’s legal responsibility to ensure it is done.

The Will doesn’t cover the many “practical” tasks every executor must confront.  In fact, one of the most common mistakes Canadians make is having the misguided confidence that having their Will done means “everything’s taken care of”.

The Executor (Estate Trustee in Ontario) has legal obligations and a fiduciary responsibility to administer ALL of the deceased’s affairs, preserving and protecting the value of the estate and the interests of ALL beneficiaries. The Estate Trustee has many “practical” tasks to complete that are not specified in a Will but are necessary to settle the estate. Even in the most simple case, there will be notifications and applications to remit, correspondence to prepare, appointments to attend and quite possibly expenses to advance.

The greatest challenge Executors face is not knowing what they don’t know…

Very often, those charged with settling an estate (even if it isn’t their first experience) quickly learn that they don’t know what they don’t know. But WE do. We have the knowledge, information and resources you need to be sure nothing is forgotten or overlooked.

Our 3 step action plan…

Step 1. In the comfort of your home, we’ll go through more than 100 items, recording details only for those that pertain to your situation.

Step 2. We will custom prepare all required documents, applications and correspondence and deliver a complete package with your personal checklists, file copies, instructions and addressed envelopes.

Step 3. The Estate Representative signs and remits documents and completes the checklists.

See Details and all inclusive fees

Your personal RESOLVED program will include ALL documents, letters, applications and notifications required… custom prepared, complete and ready for signature. A personal checklist with instructions for each document, copies for the Executor’s records and even addressed envelopes are included. For other tasks, a custom “To Do” list is provided along with the “RESOLVED Executor Protection Pack” (RESOLVED EPP) that ensures everything is organized.

RESOLVED will custom prepare documents to conclude every matter pertaining to your situation. That includes letters, applications and notifications to every professional, institution, Canadian and foreign government agency, insurance company, union, credit bureau, subscription service plus many more.

The Resolved program eliminates needless conflict, overlooked notifications, missed opportunities to claim entitlements and benefits, lost time and even the risk of estate fraud or identity theft. Resolved protects the estate, beneficiaries and executor.

Money Saved. Time saved.

Nothing forgotten. Nothing overlooked.


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